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Invest businessman of 8 million IT to hold a group in the arms to open economy h
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Recently, group of trade of IT of wide port collect appears again hotel of an economy business affairs, casting those representing capital is the 4 big businessmen with famous industry of native land IT.

These 4 are Jin Huaxing respectively computer, hand in amount to computer, circle in the air get the better of computer of computer He Mosheng, invest many yuan 800. This is businessman of Wuhan mainland IT first " intimate contact " hotel industry, indicate the businessman begins an IT of native land actual strength progressively to

Diversity way develops.

Reporter yesterday sees beside square of number of street mouth Pacific Ocean, this the name is " renown peaceful " interior of business affairs hotel decorates vogue contracted, still deserve to have computer in the room, relevant chief says, the business is good still since practice.

Wang Dexiao of general manager of company of Jin Huaxing computer introduces one of investor of hotel of renown peaceful business affairs, Wuhan, this hotel always manages an area 5600 smooth rice, be located in economy surely quick model business affairs hotel, wait for management mode like the home, Mo Tai with what at present home compares popularity similar. "Hit in IT industry go all out these year, also accumulated substantial client natural resources and chain management experience. Also accumulated substantial client natural resources and chain management experience..

Hubei university rebukes the sword makes the same score a professor to point out, the heat that prospective hotel develops basically is centered in high-grade hotel and chain economy hotel two respects. IT businessman invests hotel industry, there is definite advantage on market strategy and management, but should notice to conform with tourism.

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