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Design of contemporary hotel guest room carries out medium 3 catastrophe to insc
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Design of contemporary hotel guest room carries out medium 3 catastrophe to inscribe

Current, the design of hotel guest room of our country exists in practice " 3 catastrophe are inscribed " , need prepares to construct hotel participator overcomes jointly:

Difficult problem 1 -- thinking decides the breakthrough of situation

Building of our country hotel designs medium guest room plane to decorate, experienced ten years long-term imitate each other, the stage with single style, make a lot of should red-blooded was become by clone with the hotel guest room of creativity very similar, common face. Plant in this " common hotel " in, guest room is unavoidable is " the commonnest " part.

The worst effect of this kind of phenomenon is large quantities of one hotels were affected to build investor and operator on understanding, also affected the guest of a lot of home. Everybody was bred for a long time by guest room of this kind of common hotel a kind of quite firm vision habit, perhaps said to had formed psychology of a kind of calm situation: Only this is planted " hilt " guest room just can look be used to; Only this is planted in guest room " black hole " the toilet of type just makes be used to; Only oneself had seen in this kind of guest room, familiar furniture just is used be used to. Contrary, want to one place differs only, one is in have not acquaintance, one place has a place " strange " , accept anyhow do not come. And the account that does not accept often is " had not seen " , "May not guest is approbated " etc. Anyhow, do not be at ease namely. Up to now, domestic orgnaization invests and always did not invite the hotel project that management of international hotel group and foreign stylist participate in, still existing on guest room design the obstruction of a lot of habit thinking that come from investor or controller.

In fact, guest room design has complete, rich, system and meticulous content, this has been on the world a lot of first-class hotels a few years the crystallization of management experience.

Difficult problem 2 -- room choice

The public house with bigger dimensions often has a variety of houses model, guest room class is different, door model different, the decoration is different, can let a guest have more choices. But also brought things, furniture to wait cannot current exchange, and hotel guest mankind too multifarious, need is more ground inventory is waited a moment by things problem. This difficult problem is in go vacationing village hotel is more outstanding. Go vacationing model the hotel often has a level, between luxurious standard, room of apartment of flatlet, administration, honeymoon, disabled waits for of all kinds guest room with the room, and the villa that join system, alone apartment of youth of high-grade villa, international.

Difficult problem 3 -- the choice of the area

The plane that there are a variety of qualities in the building design of hotel guest room chooses experience, here lifts a few to offer reader reference:
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