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Exterior of Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel
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Exterior of Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

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Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel is located at heartland of London urban district, border ave of Sloane of fashion shopping division reachs TheWestEnd. You can enjoy shopping fun to the top of one's bent, be in will admire in the heart with favourable price for a short while long already in tasting income bursa when Ji Xin.

The Mimosa eat that is full of Mediterranean amorous feelings in Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel in, you can enjoy dinner of delicate and nice 6 type candle power already, can experience the lively atmosphere that New Year times again. Menu still includes various small feed, make what person saliva saliva is about to drip bake tower of Xue Li of ovine wearing, almond, still a variety of coffee, black tea, small cake can offer an alternative, every need to make an appointment with 55 pound only.

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