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Beijing fine in central hotel guest room is revealed
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Beijing fine in central hotel guest room is revealed

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Beijing of general of sweet case lira fine in central restaurant, the place of the individual character of appearance of your popular feeling. . . Practice already got nearly 8 years a lot of have reputation quite approbate and award, include among them: In June 2001 by " European money " the magazine is chosen for " 5 top class restaurant of Beijing " one of, mixed 2003 obtained association of science of American excellent service to issue continuously 2004 2003 award of 5 stars diamond. Restaurant is located in area of center of Beijing business affairs, be apart from the airport only car Cheng of 30 minutes, the business affairs that the situation that its have an advantage extremely makes the guest comes and go easily at the capital, shop reach travel sightseeing area - the Imperial Palace, tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, yong He palace, day world park, red bridge market, beautiful water market, friendship shop.

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