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"Delicious part " make calling card of Chengdu city cate
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Late on January 20, sponsor by consortium of Chengdu meal a person of same business " An Meng is safe 2007 acclaim for Chengdu meal large theme culture is chosen and first Chengdu is delicious section " prize-giving evening party, act in Chengdu Min hill art the center is held ceremoniously. This evening party promulgates in all went out " award of emissary of brand of Chengdu meal culture " , " award of commonweal of Chengdu meal society " , " sincere letter manages Chengdu meal award " , " Chengdu meal handler of 10 beautiful profession " and " Chengdu meal calling card -- representative Chinese meal. Relevant leader and enterprise of hundreds brand meal represent industry of meal of province, city happily gather under the same roof, win a prize to obtain individual, enterprise and organization issued medal, pot and letter.

It is reported, practice comes 4 years, the wet Huang Ge with one pace mature trend was had the honor to win " award of commonweal of Chengdu meal society " , " sincere letter manages award " , " Chengdu cate calling card -- brand of representative Chinese meal " wait for large award, become this activity to win award one of most Chengdu meal enterprises.

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