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Budgetary management, industry health develops ensure
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Author: Zhao Hong cultivates company of group of international of live abroad grand

Budgetary management is the main component of contemporary business management of enterprise, it is to pass estimated to company year end affirmatory, assist certain stimulative measure, implement according to plan to the management activity of the enterprise regularly, the ground is controlled and measure is supervised, assure a company of each year ends finish smoothly, those who achieve beneficial result of company natural resources is the biggest change, enhance the integrated competition ability of the enterprise ceaselessly.

The healthy progress of the enterprise cannot leave good budgetary government. From estimated for angle, budget of work out, examine and verify, be by no means a simple financial idea, it needs administrator to have sufficient knowledge to the resource of the enterprise, special to runs business with one one's heart, responsible, have deeper idea to the cost scale of each products, accomplish know fairly well, ability has correct judgement, ability work out gives reasonable budget. The budget that light light Song Song can achieve, not be scientific budget, pass the budget that the enterprise discusses the concerted effort cooperation of departmental door, adequately only, ability can regard an enterprise as the direction of the job inside year.

Once the budget arises, have its gravity sex, must not change at will, it will regard an enterprise as the direction of the effort inside certain period, the meeting with good in finished state is commended, without special situation (be like SARS and so on) of half-baked task, will be punished certainly. Good budget, if lack particular executive strength, can become a mere scrap of paper, flow at the form. Of course, the budget is not dogmatic, if meet special condition, also can make adjust accordingly, in order to increase the enthusiasm of employee, also be beneficial to the development of the enterprise.

In estimated track, in fulfilling a process, relevant forms for reporting statistics is the important basis that administrator judges undoubtedly, but not be all, more cannot dogmatic change, want a foundation external state of affairs, apply neatly. This understands relevant situation in time with respect to need administrator, do further development to investigate the work, discover a problem, assist solve good problem. Some problems, the problem of deep administrative levels of the report in running a course especially, it is to cannot be mirrorred in forms for reporting statistics come out, if do not observe attentively, make field survey, be impossible to discover.

Somebody doctor of budgetary administrator assimilate to, they are the doctors that feel pulse for the healthy progress of the enterprise, the discretion of this doctor level, responsible to working with one one's heart degree, have crucial effect to the long-term development of the enterprise.
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