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In concluding this control complete participate in consciousness
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Any activities of the hotel involve cost, should be in cost pilot limits. Any cost are the result of some kind of behavior of the person, can by participate in or authority intervenes the person of these activities will control. Any cost control a method, it is to try to affect the person of executive behavior or action of intervention having right character actually, make they can accomplish ego control. So, every employee should have cost responsibility as executive behavior person. Cost controls the collective job that is faculty, coordinate consistent effort to just can be finished through faculty only.

Cost control is to the requirement of employee:

The first, have the desire that controls cost and cost consciousness, nurturance is managing the habit of cost. Be like: When guest room clerk arranges guest room, act on managing principle, below the premise that does not reduce clean effect, reasonable, economy uses clean things; to take an active part in job of hotel assets care and maintenance, prolong service life of hotel furniture, things as far as possible, reduce hotel upkeep costs, reduce replacement capital spending. Be like again: Guest inside itself of put wine water, food has certain expiration period, service personnel should undertake checking at any time, have a house when necessary of article adjust, make wine water, food is inside the expiration period be able to sufficient waste time is used, the guest rate signing up for caustic falls lowest, effort is managing guest cost. The cost control job of meal is a hotel the focal problem in be being managed daily, the cost consciousness of chef is one of this focus main influencing factor. Chef should make not only raw material be able to reasonable use, the horn side raw material also should make full use of, the cate that tries to make click of the tongue making a person praise comes. Falling cost to answer to the nadir is our indefatigable pursuit and the duty that answer.

The 2nd, implantation group spirit, the effort that understanding cost to control is a collective process, make concerted efforts must fall to finish in common cause. Cost control job is the work that collective of a hotel shares, involve every employee in work segment, those who need everybody is active cooperate, need group spirit. Be like: A certain faucet of the hotel is bad, water is in prediction of a person's luck in a given year, be badly in need of maintaining. The manner of some people is the issue does not close already, hang high, turn a blind eye to; And some people can inform engineering department undertake maintaining immediately, before maintenance technician comes, aux would rather sacrifice oneself time, adopt all sorts of measure to make current breaks a quantity to fall lowest, for the hotel managing energy cost. Although this matter is small, but the cost consciousness that mirrorred a person objectively and responsibility heart. The active and indefatigable effort of every employee mixes hotel of need of control cost job mutual between cooperate, in each link that accomplish cost control every to work.
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