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The hotel is estimated work out
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One, what calls a budget:

It is beforehand beforehand, forecast, calculate even if calculate, computation. The budget is to apply future of money and company of report of its amount form inside a paragraph of period, the amount of the action plan of each project bid and relevant measure shows overall management activity.

Particular branch is: Special type is decision-making budget, daily business budget and financial budget.

Special type is decision-making budget: It is a kind of budget that reflects decision-making result. Budget of day-to-day professional work: It is the management business budget that shows as daily as the enterprise management activity is direct and relevant. Financial budget: From value respect omnibus report is managed period decision-making budget and business are estimated result.

2, the budget that why wants hotel staff:

1, the need of hotel management -- the need of hotel target:

The hotel is the organization that is a purpose with gain, its jumping-off place and a home to return to are gain. Once the enterprise holds water, facing competition with respect to meeting, be in from beginning to end produce and close down, in development and atrophic contradiction, the hotel must live go down to just can have energy, only ceaseless development just can be gotten live. Because OK and specific fractionize is this company goal,live, development, gain profit. The industry survives to just can gain profit only, the industry survives in the market the postulate that go down is touch in order to close. The hotel pays a money fund on one hand, acquire wants objective asset from the market, provide the goods that the market needs or service on the other hand, trade a money from the market. The money that the enterprise trades from the market should be equal to paid money at least, ability is maintained manage, this is the postulate that the enterprise puts add for a long time.

2, the need that the hotel admits:

The hotel is get in development those who live, if against the current goes,the production of the hotel is managed boat, do not enter retreat. Progress ceaselessly in science and technology today, the hotel is rolled out ceaselessly only better, newer, more suffer Wu of kimono of client gay product, ability stands in the market sufficient. If a hotel cannot increase the quality of product and service, market share that enlarges his ceaselessly ceaselessly, possible generation lives the crisis, be elbowed out likely to go out by other public house. Because the income of this enterprise should be more than defray.

3, the need of hotel profit:

The hotel gains profit only, just have the value of existence. The purpose that builds a public house is gain, gain reflected the jumping-off place of the hotel and a home to return to not only, and the implementation rate that can reflect other target, conduce to the implementation of other target.
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