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Overall cost manages the hotel the dug of means
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In the strategic thought that is based on competition guidance falls, a few hotels often are in " poor dissimilation " and " cost is banner " choose between the strategy firstly, establish oneself product or service are in the distinct advantage in the market, with utmost ground occupational market share. So called cost is banner, do not mean low cost to run merely, ask hotel controller is on cost management however, have more system, mature means method. Form from hotel cost in light of, each each link that involve business to manage, respects, involve each petty management and service action even, want the system with system, whole set so, effective, normative supervise, will achieve the goal that manages whole process, all-around managing to production.

One, flow management;

The cost flow management of the hotel is through building a public house cost government hierarchy of control is a foundation, build a system to change the administrative technological process of standardization, the control after the cost management of the hotel is engaged in translate into beforehand reachs the control in the thing. Active cost flow management can rise a hotel to participate in, management and the ability that answer management change, still can repeat the job to rise through decreasing at the same time efficiency and reduce error, help hotel takes more profit space as far as possible. This project works, at the beginning of asking we prepare to construct in the hotel, be about to begin to build relative to relatively perfect financial management flow. The hotel cost that finance affairs wants to follow a standard in order to build sign manages a system to be a target, the design that operates circuit from the equipment of the setting that organizes a framework, personnel, post, finance affairs operates the formulate of the system, to the hotel cost government hierarchy of control undertakes be combinged in the round with rhizoid form. Want crucial to each point to undertake designing is like: The hotel examines and approve stock of flow design, divisional region to get with flow, cent dining-room meal raw material is gotten with ministry of water of flow, wine wine water is gotten wait a moment with flow, for cost of later period hotel control provides advantageous basis. It is in the public house with bigger dimensions, can build class library to manage mode. With hotel room Wu the administrative system of 2 class library is exemple: 1, 2 class library has room Wu technical staff is deployed, expect through be being gotten effectively by its sheet gets the name that use of all kinds article and adopts system of merchandise of hotel finance affairs to total storehouse stock room Wu is united in 2 class library undertake business accounting. 2, each area get room Wu department when using, need to receive makings sheet and affirm via active personnel autograph, office things needs running stores of above of sectional manager class, floor to need relevant section to be in charge of total table of cabinet of be an official of class above, name to need area to be in charge of class above, other goods to need area to be in charge of class above personnel to sign effective. 3, the use quantity of the month before ground of the meeting at the beginning of month of 2 class warehouse is gotten to total storehouse as reference with the use quantity that month, lunar end accomplishs 0 inventory as far as possible. 4, to cotton goods, glass service it is to pass Zhang of manual for future reference to undertake administrative, every month must offer financial department watch of a circumstance, compensation of compensate of among them newspaper caustic, guest, employee, autograph is avoided etc after must the proof with effective, all ready formalities is added in the circumstance to express. To the article such as glass service the setting discards as useless accordingly standard. 5, get to the catharsis things of PA group undertake administrative with the method that still adopts old bottle of in order to to change new bottle. Through room Wu of 2 class library build, make cost of room Wu ministry manages flow clarity, link, point reachs the designated position, business accounting is more reasonable, more accurate, also controlled a branch effectively immediately at the same time each management cost, promoted whole of pilot of room Wu cost capability.
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