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Politic sex cost manages
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Politic sex cost manages (STRATEGICCOSTMANAGEMENT) is at a 90 time are arisen kind of newest tide, have comprehensive sex and before the modern administrative method of look up sex, the times height that suffers the group of developed country management such as Western Europe, United States and Japan, business circles takes seriously and great attention, seek to live on in contemporary company put plan developing action bigger and bigger, the position is more and more significant, it is the key that contemporary business development enters fine to get the better of a loop is enrolled. Its characteristic is be in when the enterprise face the environment with increasingly intense competition to fall, the politic program that values whole gradually already made the one big trend of modern management, cost runs as politic as the enterprise union, certainly will makes the enterprise crosses the onefold role that gives built-in control, receive the new field of exterior analysis, with consolidate and gaining the advantage that the company competes for a long time.

One, the fundamental that politic sex cost manages

What is meant by politic sex cost to manage? Management of politic sex cost is a basis market demand situation, to managing a case actually of the enterprise, with the market competitive price is oriented, certain target profit is a center, carry dosage, this, benefit analyses a principle, calculate an enterprise instead cost of each project bid or control index, pass a series of fruitful management, it is each index control final inside target range, the in-house motive force of the enterprise of outside pressure translate into that competes the market, win a business thereby long-term competition advantage and the method of a kind of management that develop good plan.

Management of politic sex cost basically includes:
The research of strategy of L, competition- - try to choose from inside cost strategy and poor dissimilation, be aimed at cost plan, expectation is doing business reach textural to be broken through somewhat.

2, executive competitor analysis and surveyor's pole system- - the set that thereby helps a cause on cost basis, understand at the same time and master the otherness that does business to wait for work flow with the organization.

3, management of cost of by strategy sex, know the place with enterprise located oneself, at the same time the reachs an enterprise by force to be about to enter an industry infirmly state of ability of challenger of course of study of witting person of the same trade.

4, affirmatory, understanding controls decisive cost to because of,be moved, pay attention to an enterprise to pay equal attention to for a long time with short-term performance, competitive advantage and development good plan pay equal attention to.

5, in finance affairs of give attention to two or morethings the circumstance of face and competitive face falls, basis company strategy plans, cost management the target is turned, the possibility that evaluates constituent transition and business development strategy follow the adaptability that external environment changes.
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