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Restaurant register capital
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The enrollment of restaurant of capital and other company registering capital is identical. According to fair judicatory regulation, the enterprise is being dealt with industrial and commercial when registering, how many what invest amount according to the enterprise, decide what the enterprise must throw to register capital number.

The responsibility that assumes according to company place is divided, the company can be divided for two kinds of types, one kind is infinite liability company, another kind is finite liability company. Infinite liability company, it is to say the investor of the enterprise to have joint liability to the enterprise that its invest. In other words, if business failure, investor is responsible the total debt that will assume a business, no matter where the belongings of investor is, expression why form. Finite liability company is different however, the responsibility that the investor of finite liability company invests an enterprise to assume to its is finite, its responsibility is the enrollment that throws with its capital in the limit of, do not assume joint liability. Register capital similar venture earnest money. The enrollment of restaurant capital, on the balance sheet of restaurant, state the fact that is restaurant controls capital.

Those who register capital more or less to depend on the size of investment, with respect to its for sheer specified number, it is investment of course bigger, register capital more, investment is small, register capital to want accordingly little. But set according to industrial and commercial law, the restaurant with small investment, must sum is registered. After investment amount exceeds certain limit, press the one certainty ratio that invests amount to register, nevertheless according to the regulation, register capital minimum to be not gotten 20% under investment amount.

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