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How to measure the cost of restaurant of different star class
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Do not have cost standard to explain this problem should make clear astral class restaurant above all, because astral class restaurant is the class that press a bit,criterion for evaluation comes of assess, not be to press building standard to come of assess, the assess of astral class restaurant basically is with restaurant the postulate that must have is a basis, be like: Establishment of the things in the area of guest room, guest room, main form a complete set is waited a moment and serve software, the attitude of attending to guests that serves personnel namely. It is not restricted restaurant has more service establishment or have big dining room or other management items, the restaurant of same star class has this that is to say impossibly same cost standard no matter this standard is still be an unit to calculate with floor area with guest room won't have same standard. Accordingly, if need calculates the investment of restaurant,should press main construction project to undertake calculating respectively relatively accurate.

Of course hole is the restaurant that says different star step builds investment neither one to be able to supply referenced data. Basis before experience and current price level, it is with Beijing area exemple, below the premise that does not have establishment of special form a complete set and other and special situation, every guest room that says restaurant of 5 stars class commonly invests about 1.1 million yuan, the investment of every guest room is restaurant of 4 stars class about 900 thousand yuan, every guest room invests SamSung class restaurant to be controlled for 600 thousand yuan about.

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