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Shallow analyse hotel purchases cost control
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Cost control is the lasting topic that research wants in hotel management. Regard financial management as personnel, financial number is not to measure hotel profit the biggest the only standard that change. Want to let hour hand go definitely, move with respect to what must control fine second hand, in hotel management, be economical often is gotten more easily than making money much.

Cost is controlled should from raw material cost this fountainhead grabs. The proportion that raw material cost holds meal cost is highest. According to statistic, industry of our country hotel, the scale that cost of food raw material takes edible income is 35% ~ 50% the left and right sides, the 25% ~ that wine water cost takes wine water income 40% the left and right sides. Because procurement control is the one annulus with the greatest difficulty in cost control, as source of meal cost pilot -- of raw material purchase, produce flaw the most easily, it is the key that hotel manager person pays close attention to and focus. If can from go up at all stem the flaw that purchases link, the cost control of restaurant already achieved the result of 50% at least.

Accordingly, control purchases cost crucial to the management outstanding achievement of a restaurant. Purchase cost to drop to reflect what pour out of in hotel ready money to decrease not only, and reflect directly in product cost drop, of profit increase, and the buildup of restaurant competition ability. The proportion that holds operating costs as a result of cost of material is very high, accordingly, control is good drop what purchase cost and make ceaselessly, it is a restaurant drops a product ceaselessly those who increase profit is cost, important with one of immediate steps.

Perfect purchase a system, had done purchase job of cost pilot foundation

Purchase the job to involve an area wide, and basically be mix outside contact with, accordingly, if restaurant is not made,purchase system and program strictly, purchase the job to be depended on without Zhang Ke not only, still can give the breeding ground that purchases personnel to offer camera bellows to operate. Perfect purchase a system to want to make from the following respects:

1, build purchase a system strictly

Build strict, perfect purchase a system, not only of can normative enterprise purchase an activity, improve efficiency, put an end to dispute over trifles between the branch phenomenon, still can prevent the undesirable action that purchases personnel. The flow that the approval limits of authority that purchases person of the application that the system should provide to stock is purchased, accredit, stock purchases, relevant section (especially financial department) the regulation that all sorts of responsibility and relation, material purchase and means, quote and price are examined and approve etc. For instance, the goods that can purchase in the regulation in purchasing a system should be compared to supplier inquiry, list, bargain, choose a vendor next, fill chooses vendor and its quoted price in buy sheet to go up please; Still can set those who exceed certain amount to purchase beard attach the written quote of 3 above, in order to offer financial department examine and verify.
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