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The beauty with atmosphere boundless Kunlun
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The beauty with atmosphere boundless Kunlun

----Culture of theme of meal of Kunlun big public house shows originality

On September 19, rice of 2007 China high grade paddy (Pan Jin) Fair is held as scheduled. The meal culture that craftsmanship of Kunlun big public house carries alone gave the leader that comes to here and guest to leave deep impression. Wu Tianxiu of deputy secretary-general of Chinese commissariat guild says: "Kunlun big public house behaved the real intention of company culture, reflect meal culture and mensal skill incisively and vividly. " he even Chinese commissariat guild art of painting and calligraphy of 2007 whole nations is exhibited put in Kunlun to hold, he thinks hotel of Pan Jinkun logical sequence has such culture details and culture arrangement.

All attending cross Kunlun hotel to the company culture that the guest all without exception of large theme activity shows originality for its is intoxicated and be convinced, every time is important government affairs and business affairs activity, can have different thematic style design.

The stage of large desk heart that section of travel of international wet ground gives priority to a problem with countryside of sea of beach of the Red Sea, reed, crane acts the role of a design, initiated table of Pan Jin city to decorate the artistic beginning of culture. Still continue to be enmeshed in the aftertaste to the beauty when people when, billow of the crane countryside of paddy rice Fair, paddy, Chun Rigeng is made, the thematic art that autumn day harvests is created, revealed the beauty with Kunlun boundless air truly, more exclaim letting a person and be convinced! This mensal stage heart, rise high into the air of ten red-crowned crane has dance, spring the bottom scene that the rice field of day is desk heart, more than 20 field working small area person is lifelike below the knead of a dab hand of noodle master, mature spike of rice mixes next surrounding in green meaning and aureate be in harmony all around, come down in torrents of liliaceous, greenery is outspread, handwritten dish card adorns his to go up, profound calligraphy attainment asperses mensal and meal culture, artistic brandish dripping wet. Do before be like old table, hand of Chen Haibo's secretary strokes spike of rice, say with all sorts of feelings to the guest: "Rice bumper harvest, can reap! Can reap!!

Be in to advocate assembly room----On the passageway of hall of 1000 people banquet, 20 bunches of mature and full rice stand still two side, be in green silken the as lacy as red autumn that if harvest,dresses up next copy to your beck, this is personnel of layout of Kunlun big public house arrives personally field reap, elaborate bundle up and into. Kunlun big public house " culture art hall " the ultimate goal that serves as oneself, devote oneself to to make oneself unique company culture brand, the culture that pays attention to each space detail is permeated. 14 landscape condole that have distinguishing feature of terrain of full-bodied Pan Jin are hanged in corridor face of two side wall. Old hall all around, imprint the condole banner that Fair of rice having rice indicates and paddy hand in meeting theme to hand in photograph reflect. Card of date of autograph of brand of the meeting knowledge that has distinguishing feature alone, water, stage, desk, dish, menu, hang shade... each detail is being permeated perfect, the person that let attend the meeting is in ginseng meeting while, experiencing artistic enjoyment adequately.
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