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Wang Nan jumps husband of litre of millions upon millions wealthy woman to be it
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The 1st page: Chu  pharynx and instruct buffalo gnat calls out astounded? page: Vinegar of anxiety of surname of  of Chu  crane holds page of? of barium of O type frame high: 5 sweethearts of β 鞽 Che Wangnan and husband person of the same trade arrive to been take for the Wang Nan of title of 23 worlds champion, buy a gold again on Beijing Olympic Games, finish the professional career picture that is her beautiful full point. But the possibility that him Wang Nan considers now is these not merely: Go taking gold of Beijing Olympic Games, for oneself, also be marital Guo Bin. Regard power sea estate as magnate, guo Bin Ceng Yi casts 8.773 million yuan, bought village of power sea far Yao of 8507 square metre " seafood a street " project. After project complete, guo Bin general " develop a business " under one's name of park king Nan, regard expression as the gift of love. After Wang Nan becomes famous, income has comparatived considerable, and after marrying with Guo Bin, jump from millionaire litre to " millions upon millions wealthy a general term for young women " . Loving the United States is feminine nature, wang Nan is particularly exquisite also to the dress, when doing not have training and match, she can dress up meticulously oneself. Wang Nan's cosmetic, dress and jewelry are bought from abroad for the most part, and it is world top class brand, she often can make an appointment with a good friend to go to abroad buying the clothes together, should cost every year ten. [Below 1][2][3][one page] (responsibility edits: Jing Ya)

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