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Delegacy of China of Beijing Olympic Games is achieved all previous take part in
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Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on March 5 Olympic Games special telegram (reporter Gao Peng, Zhang Lixin) Cui Dalin of deputy director general of total bureau of sports of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, country is saying 5 days here, delegacy of predicting China sports will have about 570 people to attend Beijing Olympic Games all 28 big matches, this is Chinese sports delegacy attends the Olympic Games the project takes part in the match to be mixed athlete number is maximum at most on the history. Cui Dalin is in panel discussion of 11 conference sporting worlds says countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on the meeting, up to now, china already had 519 athletes to obtain 26 except tennis and horsemanship big, the Beijing Olympic Games of 214 Xiaoxiang takes part in the match qualification. "519 people achieve an Olympic Games to take part in the match standard, this had exceeded before all previous " . Cui Dalin expresses, as a result of the Olympic Games qualification of partial project contest still does not have an end, next Chinese player still should be met obtain a few take part in the match qualification, the target problem that final implementation all has ginseng 28 Olympic Gameses are big to surpass entirely is not big, and take part in the match entirely number estimation is controlled in 570 people. It is reported, about 1200 athletes that share 55 movement group save area city 17 times to prepare for war actively in the whole nation at present Beijing Olympic Games. (Be over) 2008/03/05 16:54 this draft are manuscript of special railway line of sports of Xinhua News Agency, forbidden reprint. (Responsibility edits: Laoman)

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