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Beijing torch hand is all generation poplar Li Weihe fights SARS nurse selected
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The 1st page: This ┐ of Yi of  of beanstalk of セ Dong  page of? of Chi Bei of mace rank Gang: 2The ministry of hand of Olympic Games torch that 37 Beijing area recommends produces the 3rd page: Faze of elaborate of black Gou Gu asks Wang Chong of reporter of Xinhua News Agency of? of セ Dong  Beijing Olympic Games to holy fire collects a ceremony to will be in on March 24 Greek abstruse Lin Pi inferior hold, this also indicates holy fire delivers a Beijing Olympic Games to be started formally. On August 8, the national stadium that the fire of Olympic Games emperor that outside passing churchyard, delivers will be in Beijing " bird's nest " inside ignite advocate torch, beijing Olympic Games kicks off formally. Holy fire is delivered highest tide will be achieved in Beijing on March 31, from Greek fire of collection Olympic Games emperor will enter Beijing; After Beijing holds greeting ceremony, began to make be delivered outside the condition from Kazakstan Si Tan on April 1. On May 4, olympic Games torch will from Hainan 3 inferior begin churchyard of 113 cities deliver. Came 8 days on August 6, olympic Games torch is delivered in what Beijing undertakes 3 days; Deliver national stadium late on August 8 to ignite advocate the hour of torch, the highest tide that becomes torch of whole Beijing Olympic Games to deliver. Area of Beijing of Olympic Games torch delivers deputy director general of bureau of sports of group leader of course staff group, Beijing when Li Lili was accepting reporter of Xinhua News Agency to interview a few days ago, express, torch of Beijing area Olympic Games delivers the design of circuit to was started in August from last year, make an on-the-spot investigation through on-the-spot circuitry, published two plan early or late, final now plan is already definite. Li Lili says, the choice that delivers a line this reflected the distinguishing feature of Beijing adequately. 56 tourist attractions of county of 18 areas of Beijing of torch general by way of, these tourist attractions have the inn of mouth of the Ming Tombs, Tan Zhesi, week famous places and historical sites that reflects humanitarian Olympic Games already, also have with head the reflects green Olympic Games tourist attraction that steel is a delegate, still have the tourist attraction of Olympic Games of science and technology that is a delegate with area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology and base of abundant stage headquarters. Arrive from the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain national stadium, whole line forms " and " word, torch of implied meaning Olympic Games " harmonious brigade " finish satisfactorily. On August 6, olympic Games torch will begin to deliver from the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, hold congratulatory activity in ground world park that evening. From Zhou Kou relics of inn ancient mankind begins 7 days, temple of classics pool three-bristle cudrania, head steel, Summer Palace, round of and other places of area of garden of bright garden, ZhongGuanCun science and technology after delivering, hold congratulatory activity in Tian An Men that evening. August 8 deliver edge Beijing in axes undertakes. Torch delivers bridge of water of gold of classics of Cong Tianan door, cross the Imperial Palace, hill of scene of by way of, ground installs check of door ave, assorted the sea, drum-tower and held 1990 the abstruse body center of the Asia Game, enter Beijing Olympic Games finally advocate stadium of assembly room country. Will ignite in national stadium that evening advocate torch, holy fire is delivered achieve highest tide. [Below 1][2][3][one page] (responsibility edits: Jing Ya)
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