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Olympic Games hookup will use 65 high-definition cars high-definition signal hoo
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Contest signs up for dispatch (reporter Huang Tao) " 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be the TV station that copyright owns to the whole world by BOB for the first time on Olympic Games history, provide the television relay signal of all and high-definition standard. " 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games advocate company of hookup of Olympic of hookup orgnaization controller, Beijing (official of BOB) presiding operation (COO) Ma Guoli expresses to the reporter, the high-definition TV of this pair of Beijing and whole world limits will be a milepost for development. "High-definition technology is born to had had 20 old histories up to now, recently a few Olympic Games, world cup has begun to try to use program of match of part of high-definition technology hookup. " Ma Guoli discloses, come from hookup technology say, current high-definition TV and mark clear TV are about the same already. Just realize high-definition hookup need is high-definition photograph like the equipment that make, and also need to press when later period program 16: The aspect ratio of 9, 4 what and rather than has TV: 3. And audience whether see high-definition TV, besides the TV set that produces high-definition standard besides television production manufacturer, want to undertake transforming upgrading to TV network. Ma Guoli says, although high-definition hookup car is rare,lack resource, but to Beijing Olympic Games, "The amount is no problem absolutely, 65 when we need in, still include the hookup car that 34 lash-up use actually. According to the plan, these before Beijing Olympic Games kicks off 45 days of hookup cars can reach the designated position. " as we have learned, outside the car of high-definition television relay that has except Beijing TV station at present, domestic Shanghai, the high-definition hookup car of the TV station such as Guangdong, Shandong, Tianjin, Liaoning, Changchun, Heilongjiang also has reached the designated position. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, they will regard BOB as one of use high-definition hookup cars, participate in Olympic Games hookup to work. And the high-definition hookup car that the others uses, will lease to abroad by the convention by BOB use. (Responsibility edits: Tall grand Cheng)

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