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Olympic Games of the Beijing that uncover secret is high-definition hookup car A
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The 1st page: ?000 of  of Yan of press and smooth 10 thousand yuan of the 2nd page: Page of? of Mei of ㄓ of  of ト of anxiety  Du: ? of  of hot  of Ji of summary convention imperial examination hall can carry dry up kite on the head 3 are used " 18 camera are set inside car of this high-definition hookup, include camera of two high-definition high speed, wait for composition by system of bodywork, video, frequency system, graph article system, auxiliary car. " Introduction Xie Zhiyun, "Needed in the past 3, the work that 4 hookup car completes, with this one can be finished entirely nowadays. " because hookup car is when working status can bodywork bilateral pull open, because the space inside this car shows jam not at all. "Hookup car should satisfy most complex sports match hookup above all when the design, accordingly this high-definition hookup car that designs according to Olympic Games standard can get used to all program hookup basically. " Xie Zhiyun discloses, below groovy condition hookup car can control 18 high-definition camera directly, and adopt support system, can receive camera of path of nearly 30 dispatch most. Can design two edition program at the same time, compatible the program of clear pattern of tall, mark. The cent inside whole railroad car is director division, technology division, frequency area 3 partition. Among them, technical division is all camera that have inclusive to move aperture to wait inside by technical personnel is technical parameter adjustment, photograph control by ahead spot cameraman like composition of a picture. And the early days of all programs is made, switch of caption, slow-motion, camera lens be in director division is finished, broadcast certainly in real time by total director the picture that the audience sees in TV. "According to the requirement of Beijing Olympic Games, this high-definition sports hookup wants those who make 5.1 track to surround stereo. For this, surround in what the frequency area of railroad car installs a 5.1 track stereo is made. " Introduction Xie Zhiyun, if 5.1 track also were configured in audience home surround stereo equipment, also enjoy hopeful during the Olympic Games. [On one page] [below 1][2][3][one page] (responsibility edits: Tall grand Cheng)

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