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Olympic Games village provides the service with safe comfortable and convenient
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Xinhua net message: On March 5 (Zhou San) 13: 30 be in center of news of Beijing Olympic Games, BOCOG held case of program of Olympic Games village, construction and contest fortune to plan a press conference all right. Yu Debin of vice director of group of abstruse village construction introduced village of BOCOG Olympic Games and incomplete to concern a situation. Yu Debin: The 2nd, the task of group of Olympic Games village and target. The overall job job of moving group of Olympic Games village is to implement the central directive that leads a comrade, it is pressing with a finger with seventeen great mind, below the leader of municipal government of Beijing municipal Party committee and Olympic Games Organizing Committee, village of the Olympic Games that finish, incomplete the task of abstruse village, provide safe, harmonious, comfortable, convenient home for the delegacy official that take part in the match and other dweller. The job of group of Olympic Games village is overall the target is to finish the Olympic Games of solid existing characteristic, Gao Shuiping to be a target, it is a concept with Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games, it is with the person this, do village of good Olympic Games, damage of abstruse village prepare and the job moves when contest. (Responsibility edits: Laoman)

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