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Herb of 5 million individual plant is Beijing Olympic Games " add sweet " origin
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Tian Baoyin) lavender of leaf of citric thyme, tine, catmint, sage 31 kinds, 500 more than individual plant originates in Mediterranean herb to will appear in Beijing street formerly, for Beijing Olympic Games " add sweet " . Sweetgrass plant applies in afforest of our country gardens, especially northern region is very few still. Go in for sth in a large scale the area introduces these sweetgrass plants first, the sieve singles out the breed that appropriate Beijing area grows to undertake bedding face accumulates promotion. Spring chill chilly during, walk into go in for sth in a large scale big canopy of base of experiment of area nursery herb, lavender, thyme, Gan Niu comes wait for various herb to already began turn green, sending out tangy aroma. Outside canopy, the herb that show the ground already also began turn green. Project controller Lu Xiaoying introduces, these breed are chosen in process of old introduce a fine variety, have cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure drought is characteristic, accumulate in our country northward bedding face aptly cultivate. Current, main component is these herb the type such as potted, afforest, edible and abstraction essence oil. Thyme, Gan Niu comes wait for breed, already but afforest, still but edible. Compare with common plant phase, sweetgrass because flavor is unique, have drive bug effect, still can have sterilization, purify air, life-giving wake cerebral action. This year, go in for sth in a large scale 31 kinds of herb of area introduce a fine variety will be grown in succession into community, school, park, street, become the new landscape of afforest beautification. (Responsibility edits: Tall grand Cheng)

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