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Olympic Games law serves motor-driven group to will establish lawyer list to was
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Yuan Jing) the reporter understands from bureau of town administration of justice, current, meet an urgent need of group of legal service motor-driven handles a mechanism to drafting during the Olympic Games in, near future hopeful is rolled out. The of all kinds emergency that level may appear moves when be being surpassed to prevent the Olympic Games, will comprise Olympic Games law to serve motor-driven group by a batch of lawyers, so that make quick response to breaking out incident. First Olympic Games law serves lawyer list to also can be announced recently. "Place choosing lawyer must know foreign language, business perfectness, personal integrity is exalted, had better have been engaged in an Olympic Games serving even or have relevant experience. " city law assist relevant controller expresses, in hoping whole city attorney can participate in an Olympic Games to serve, go (responsibility edits: Tall grand Cheng)

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