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Cafe of garden of Jiangxi civil aviaton
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Cafe of garden of Jiangxi civil aviaton has the guest room with 139 capacious and bright, unique designs and flatlet, can let you enjoy 24 hours free broadband online service. 29 inches exceed screen color television. Deserve to have transparent confuse you, little ice ark, set civil aviaton booking office. The hotel manages food taken late at night of breakfast of type of dish of another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan dish, Chinese and Western to wait.

Practice decorated a building 2006 2001 12 tall guest room 139 / set
(favourable activity) every books through sunshine journey net merge into the guest of this hotel can enjoy the following privilege: The guest average per capita that * enters a public house can dial word of long, city freely (2008-8-11 of period of efficacy comes 11-4)

Address of cafe of garden of Jiangxi civil aviaton: District of Nanchang city big city 587
Cafe of garden of Jiangxi civil aviatonTraffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 3 kilometers, space: Airport of 2.5 kilometers, distance: 30 kilometers
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall advocate dish of battalion another name for Guangdong Province helps dish can hold 300 people originally
Conference establishment: Muti_function hall can accommodate hall of eaves of 200-350 person, Xin to be able to accommodate hall of 150-260 person, Rong Hua to be able to accommodate hall of 30-50 person, riches and honour to be able to hold 20-30 person
Recreational facilities: Card pulls card of OK, chess, massage room, sauna, fitness, nightclub
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, hairdressing beautifies hair, the airport receives aircraft service (collect fees)
Credit card: International credence all things is amounted to, international credit card is big Lai, Oriental card of peony of card of Great Wall of card of card of card, VISA of international credit card, United States Express, JCB, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China builds a bank Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of Long Ka, China gold of bank of agriculture of card, China
All round landscape: Museum of exhibition of big bridge of street of archaize of tower of gold of big market of custom of Teng Wangge, China, big city, rope, Nanchang, province, folk-custom, province is postal edifice, red square of ancient beach autumn water, world's highest skyscraping annulus the star of “ Nanchang”
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online

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