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Nanchang city fine Lai is special peaceful international hotel
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Peaceful international hotel has Jialaite the business affairs hotel that international recieves level first-rate, the hotel is undertaken by foreign famous stylist overall design plans, hold to contemporary Europe to send a style, the design shows originality, elegance is delicate, air is extraordinary, natural amorous feelings is permeated with, art of be in harmony is changed it is an organic whole with person culture. Hotel total floor area makes an appointment with 40 thousand square metre, 29 tall, the hotel has 10 thousand square metre, the Chinese style wine shop with highest class, the board on another name for Guangdong Province of harbor of boil of renown hutch essence, cate of big another name for Jiangxi Province, what Sichuan plain cate reachs trendy fashion is brand-new Shanghai dish, all sorts of gust cate, full of beautiful things in eyes. The management of hotel of 5 stars class and service, the price of social wine shop, open up travels a hotel meal management is brand-new mode. Hall of the Chinese meal office that has distinguishing feature alone, banqueting hall, Western-style food but one-time welcome 1200 more than person, it is at present Nanchang recieves the public house with the biggest ability, the various cate with disparate style makes honoured guest all enjoys the world cate, bar lets romantic Jialaite you all are enjoyed true my elegant demeanour!
Hotel staff serves those who hold to “CAN DO” the concept, offer high quality 5 stars class to serve characteristic for the guest, ceaseless pursuit is outstanding, the guest outside be within the country with rigorous, efficient management and genuine service provides the home outside a sweet home. No matter you are business affairs business, still be travel goes vacationing, here you can experience convenient, comfortable, nature.

Practice building is 29 tall 2006 guest room 253 / set
[Nanchang city fine Lai is special peaceful international big public house]
(favourable activity) every books through sunshine journey net merge into the guest of this hotel can enjoy the following privilege: * enters the guest of administrative floor to be able to enjoy the following privilege: Administrative floor reception desk deals with * to be entered quickly reach corridor of wine of administration of * of formalities leaving store to greet guest beverage * * of daily and elegant fruit is daily and free enjoy tea of administrative wine corridor, coffee and soft drink * to retreat room time defer to come afternoon 3 when (inspect the hotel entered a case that day and, 17: 30-19: 00) * is entered every time can use administrative floor assembly room freely 1 hour (inspect a hotel to booked a circumstance that day) local call of * free this locality and send and receive * of this locality fax * of newspaper of daily and free this locality enjoys gym equipment * freely to enjoy * of swimming-pool of indoor constant temperature freely to provide daily mineral water freely two bottles of *

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