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Edifice of Nanchang silver-colored star
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Be subordinate to of silver-colored star edifice belongs to Jiangxi to save cess Wu bureau. Building second year in high school 10, it is a collect office, groom, the omnibus edifice that accommodation, meal is an organic whole, the edifice is decorated by level of 4 stars grade, match stock high level to call the police elevator, central air conditioning, automatically, put out a fire, supervisory system, closed-circuit television, full automatic cold hot water supplies the advanced facilities facilities such as catharsis of the grass that reach cloth. The edifice has bid 60, apartment 6, cell 12, 3 buildings of 2 ~ have a color the balcony of each different mixes 14 times to be able to hold 220 people at the same time the banqueting hall of have dinner. The edifice still sets conference center, the establishment of form a complete set such as center of peace and happiness, business affairs center. Edifice the old hall of one house, capacious, bright, luxurious, to come round the guest of official, accommodation, repast provides sweet and easy environment.

Practice decorated a building 2006 2004 20 tall guest room 78 / set [edifice of Nanchang Yin Xing]

Address of edifice of Nanchang silver-colored star: Before Nanchang city stands on the west road 159
Edifice of Nanchang silver-colored starTraffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 1.5 kilometers, space: Airport of 1 kilometer, distance: Provincial capital of 20 kilometers, distance exhibits a center: 1.5 kilometers, distance is long-distance station: 1.5 kilometers
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall basically manages dish of another name for Jiangxi Province to be able to hold 220 people
Conference establishment: Muti_function hall can hold 200 people, the 5th, the 6th assembly room can accommodate 50 people, the 3rd assembly room to be able to accommodate 45 people, the 4th assembly room to be able to hold 40 people
Recreational facilities: Room of card of gym, chess, ping-pong room, ping-pong room
Service facilities: Service of Wu of business affairs center, ticket, wash clothes service, parking lot, do not offer the airport to receive aircraft service
Credit card: All things of international credit card is amounted to (credit card of Master) , international power person (Jin Sui of bank of agriculture of card, China blocks Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of card of Great Wall of VISA) , Bank of China, peony of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China, China builds bank dragon to get stuck
All round landscape: Memorial hall of monument of tower of gold of Teng Wangge, rope, 81 uprise, 81 uprise
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online

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