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Hamster Mansion Hotel Salt Palace inventory of the world weird
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1. Finland, Kakslauttanen Hotel The hotel is located near the North Pole special feature is the glass igloo, guests can be the beauty of the Northern Lights glance. The hotel also prepared for the guest of wool socks and sleeping bags, indoor temperature will reach 21 to 27 degrees. 2. France, South, La Hamster House Hamster if you want to know what life is like? You can stay here to live. Since the business since the beginning of 2009, there have been fully booked every night. This is a local businessman and interior designers. Indoor wrought iron wall make the room look like a hamster cage, if residents prefer, they can also be a tube through the wall to drink water. And there is a fully functional wall hamster wheel. 3. Bolivia, Palacio de Sal (Salt Palace) If you are a person, as the salt, such as life, then this is your world of. Great salt in Bolivia's salt palace entirely caused by the mineral. From floor to ceiling, including the walls, beds and chairs are made from the salt. But if you are hypertensive, you may want to re-find place. 4. Denmark, canned Hotel If you like to drink beer, then you can come here and have enough addiction. During the day and drink beer at night to sleep in the cans. This year will open August month. 12 feet high each jar, and a lid. Place to sleep in the attic, the bottom is a similar bedroom space. 5. Sweden, Stockholm, jet Hotel This was a steam-type 450-seat aircraft was converted into the 27-room hotel, if you want to fly higher, you can order the driver suite. Here there are many buttons, you can easily press, but do not worry about the aircraft will crash. 6. Canada, Vancouver Island, the hotel sphere Foot around the stage, into the high 10-15 feet of small ball and enjoy a different kind of life. These balls are made of cedar, spruce or glass fibers. 7. France, Provence, Les Roulottes de la Serve The hotel is inspired by the carriage of a Roman circus, their performance in the French countryside when there are living in three modified Peng vehicles. These vehicles now have a bottle of Bohemia and Indian light: lantern, garland, carpet and a luxurious armchair. The guest who shared bathroom, kitchen. 8. Sweden, underwater hotel At first glance, this is only one hotel room is the center of the lake is like a little red house. In fact, real hotel 10 feet underwater. This is also the world's only underwater hotel. Each room has two beds, there can watch the panoramic windows of the water. Although there is no electricity, but there is light and portable gas heaters. 9. California, San Bernardino, tents, motels Tent in the motel on Highway 66, looks more like a passer inn. The Western-style tents inside the hotel is very simple: Each tent has a wheel shaped headboards, air conditioning, 25-inch TV, free wireless Internet access and bathroom tent. Moreover, there is a kidney-shaped swimming pool, a grill and boutiques. 10. Bali Hotel Elephant Zoo This 26 room hotel located in a 8.5-acre protected area near the protected areas are built to protect Sumatra's elephants. Each room has an elephant art, and every day performed four elephants, residents were swimming, dining, performances can be seen at any time.