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Chinese hotel industry serves formal and normative full text - 3
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Chinese hotel industry serves formal and normative full text - 3

The 19th Zhang Ming archives makes a service formal standard

Before bright archives makes the 113rd chef, should wear cap of labour of good tool, Dai Hao and guaze mask by the regulation, make sure kitchen scale cleanness is wholesome, condiments container is clean and neat.

When the 114th is made, chef should respect the guest's desire, press cooking matching an amount strictly, accomplish a sleight of hand, the operation is wholesome.

When the 115th service, should abide by commonly nod the fundamental that does first first.

When the 116th is praised by the guest, should genuine express one's thanks to, seek the opinion that the guest tastes to dish actively.

Buffet of banquet of the 20th chapter serves formal standard

Station design should highlight buffet of the 117th banquet theme, model is original, eat tablecloth bureau is practical and beautiful. When putting dish to nod, answer to be used to according to the repast of people, by repast order ordinal put.

When have dinner of the 118th guest, the clerk answers seasonable and perambulatory, add tableware, food and drink at any time, timely offer change to ashtray serves and add beverage service.

The 119th clerk should keep mensal and neat at any time, timely mog the dinner service that the guest has used. When removing dinner service, signal of Ying Li appearance, ask for so that the guest agrees.

The settle accounts after eat of the 21st chapter serves formal standard

The 120th clerk answers at any time the have dinner circumstance of advertent guest, when guest signal settle accounts, answer to provide a service in time. Zhang Chan Yingzheng is not had truly by accident, present movement standard, normative.

When the 121st guest pays Zhang, the clerk should maintain certain distance with the guest, the guest prepares the collection before going up again after debt. Present examine item by item answers when collection cash. Settle accounts ends, the clerk answers to guest express one's thanks to, welcome a visitor again presence.

The guest after the 122nd settle accounts continues to chat, the clerk should continue to provide relevant service.

Special situation have dinner serves the 22nd section formal standard

When the 123rd recieves a requirement to compare special guest, serve personnel to answer patient, cordial. When the guest offers opinion and proposal to servive routine, should sincerely to guest express one's thanks to. When providing support service, should assure attitude of attending to guests and the consistency that serve quality.

When the 124th guest have dinner that has urgent thing, the clerk should provide rapid and convenient service, make easily to guest introduction, the dish that accords with taste is tasted, tell a visitor the making time that every dish tastes place to need, had done at any time the preparation of settle accounts.
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