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Golden key hotel serves content
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Golden key hotel serves content

A gold key serves

Bar of 1 gold key everyday serve time not less than 16 hours, time is in commonly 7: 00, 23: 00, meantime should assure to at least key of a gold should is worth.

2 gold key should be in 3 times in bell noise receive hear a telephone call

3 if exceed a bell 3 times to ring to just be received,hear a telephone call, want to express regret

4 gold key is received listen to a phone to want to use appropriate complimentary language, sign up for sectional name and express to provide a help

5 gold key should ask the guest's full name and chatting honorific title is used all the time in the process

6 gold key should arrive in the guest after bar inside 30 seconds accost guest

7 gold key wants to send one's respects to a guest enthusiasticly, friendlily

8 gold key wants to be familiar with to the public service place near the hotel and establishment (like) of tourist attraction of theater, travel, playground place, post-office, bank, hospital, school, bazaar, understand phone of its business hours, rate, connection, letterhead.

Any issues that 9 gold key wants to remind a guest the hotel does not assume era to do the place in item to appear actively

The requirement that 10 gold key wants to press a guest fills in in detail a power of attorney

11 gold key wants repeat guest entrust a requirement and ask a guest to sign affirm

12 gold key wants those who serve a need to remind a guest to do sth for sb roughly time

13 gold key should finish era to handle matter before the time in the agreement and the report gives a visitor, if fail to finish on time, want to explain a reason in time to the guest

The person should entertain guests to sign on finishing report after 14 gold key finishs era to handle matter affirm

15 gold key wants to guest express one's thanks to

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