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Chinese hotel industry serves formal standard analytic
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Association of trade of Chinese travel hotel was released on October 11 " service of Chinese hotel industry is formal and normative " , the generation process that Sohu hotel and Chinese travel journal are aimed at a standard and its are right the far-reaching influence of hotel industry is right " standard " two people that draft undertook associated interviewing, interview memoir is as follows:

Reporter: Each Sohu netizen everybody is good, very much favour invites limited company of center of vice-chairman of association of trade of Chinese travel hotel, HongKong and Macow today standing trustee, general manager Mr Xu Jinzhi; The 2nd foreign language of Beijing academic teacher king Ms. Wei. Promulgated October 11 this year " service of Chinese hotel industry is formal and normative " , this standard caused sensation in industry, a lot of newspaper did a lot of websites to reprint, can saying to go up is Chinese hotel industry throughout history is more complete be aimed at at serving formal standard. Can you ask two to introduce the generation course of this standard to us?

Xu Jinzhi: Actually all of us hopes can mix the service of our hotel industry formal the standard that one is united, it is easy to say to compare, want actually to accomplish the thing that is special difficulty.

Well-known, we one star class goes to present restaurant 5 stars class, the service that every different astral class place provides, confronts client is different, besides China area is so large, from south to north from east to the characteristic that each area has him to differ on the west, want to be able to have one ministry resembling so formal the standard that perhaps serves comes on stage, and the need that this standard can accord with restaurant of class of all and different star, the restaurant that also can accord with all and different area needs, it is a very difficult issue actually. Cannot say too generally, cannot make a standard otherwise, but say too specificly, a regulation that there are oneself when each restaurant manages cannot coach again according to completely unified regulation all services.

The standard that I believe to we come on stage this is the need that can accord with various different hotel, different area restaurant already, and also can not be particularly specific, but the standard that we had had a the oldest rate and principle will coach the thing that should want to do in service and formal respect.

E.g. : When if need to crouch,falling, all of us knows to crouch appearance to have a lot of planting actually, but having a bit is affirmation, two legs cannot part, inside this standard so we applied " two legs and approach " crouch appearance, such standard can satisfy the need of square field surface, and have very big directiveness.

Reporter: What reason makes association draft and had what reason makes association draft and defined a such standards finally?

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