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GB " published hotel industry to have formal standard
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GB " published hotel industry to have formal standard

Report from our correspondent confronts the visitor that comes to the hotel, how to send his respects to the most courteous, how is serving decenter? The reporter understood from national tourism bureau yesterday, association of trade of Chinese travel hotel rolls out Yu Benzhou " service of Chinese hotel industry is formal and normative (try out) " , offer to groom practically standard, come to normative our country with this the service of hotel industry is formal. The first service that this also is industry of our country hotel is formal and normative.

According to association of trade of Chinese travel hotel relevant controller introduces, this " standard " have 4 big characteristics: Above all, with basic and formal nod to be cut, emphasize appearance of bearing of pair of employee the way one speaks or what he says, appearance to wait basic and formal the education with professional accomplishment. Next, it pays attention to education to operate the aesthetic feeling of the service.

Serve formal angle from post, how will instructional staff serve formal in applying standard of Wu of service program kimono, pass bearing of oneself the way one speaks or what he says, what bring spirit to go up to the guest is cheerful the aesthetic feeling that goes up with the vision. Formal standard still highlights the specific aim of the times. Beijing during world rich met the Olympic Games and Shanghai 2010 2008, will numerous abroad tourist comes to our country. To the guest of different culture setting, well-trained service is formal will conduce to shun undeserved service.

The expert says, it reflected the harmonious sex that serves to the guest. " standard " highlighted it is with the person this characteristic, pay attention to communicate with the guest, offer human nature to change the concept of the service, changed be the task that finish before and the practice that mechanical serves.

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