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Of the Chinese meal tableware with formal Chinese meal use
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Of the Chinese meal tableware with formal Chinese meal use

Compare with Western-style food photograph, the one big characteristic of Chinese meal is repast tableware differ somewhat. We basically introduce to often appear at ordinary times the use of the tableware of the problem.

1. chopstick

The chopstick is the tableware with the mainest Chinese meal. Use chopstick, normally must geminate use. When taking dish, have dinner with the chopstick, should notice below a few " small " problem:

It is whether there is food on the chopstick no matter, be not licked. Go placing dish with has licked chopstick, pour person appetite a bit?

2 be when chatting with the person, want to put down a chopstick temporarily, cannot talk at the same time, be like ground dance to wear like baton at the same time chopstick.

3 it is not to want to insert chopstick vertical stroke put in food above. Insert a law because of this kind, be in only dead of hold a memorial ceremony for when just use.

The 4 function that are strict chopstick. The chopstick just uses clip to take alimental. Use tooth of get rid of, itch or flinching is using clip to take the thing besides food is discourteous.

2. ladle

Its main effect is to dip dish, food. Sometimes, take with the chopstick when feeding, also can be assisted with ladle. Do not want sheet to take course with ladle as far as possible. When taking food with ladle, do not pass full, lest excessive comes out flyblown table or oneself dress. In dip after food, can be in formerly " time-out " a short while, when soup juice won't flow downward again, move again come back to enjoy.

Temporary need not when ladle, on the small dish that should be put in oneself, do not put it on table directly, or it is to let it be in food " stand at attention " . After taking food with ladle, should instantly edible or put in him small dish, do not answer it again former office. And the food that if take,uses is too hot, dip of not usable ladle comes dip goes, also do not use the mouth to blow, wait in the bowl that can put oneself first cool eat again. Do not fill in ladle in the mouth, perhaps suck repeatedly, lap.

3. dish

A bit the dish of bit is small dish, basically use Cheng Fang food, be the same as slightly in use respect and bowl. Dish should keep former commonly on table, and do not pile up together.

Need emphasizes the introduction, it is the is called to eat dish dish with a kind of more special utility. Feed the main effect of dish, it is to use of short duration to put from public dish dish of li of dish that fetch enjoys. With when eating dish, do not take let off much cooked food, it seems that already numerous chaos can'ts bear, resembling again is ghoul reincarnation. Do not pile up a variety of dish together, lane is bad that they are met mutual " change flavour " , not good-looking, not delicious also. The residual, character that does not have, thorn is not spat go up, on the desk, and should take gently put in the front that eat dish, when putting, cannot spit from the mouth directly in feed dish to go up, want to be put to the side of small dish with chopstick clip. If feed dish to put full, can let a clerk change.
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