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Chinese meal banquet serves standard and standard
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1, the preparation before eat:


(1) . Attend the meeting before the class, know the particular job of the banquet, make servive routine is accomplished " 9 know " " 4 understanding " . "9 know " know to attend party strength, desk namely number, sponsor an unit, invite a boy or girl friend, know identity of guest and host (sponsor host) , the standard that tells a party and breed of type of time opening a banquet, dish, order giving food, collect fees method; "4 understanding " habit of the religious belief that understands a guest, custom, the life that knows a guest abstains from. Understand the special need of guest, the arrangement that understands the conference, guest room.

(2) . Ready-made works: Be familiar with menu, the dosage of computational tableware, beverage of water of equipment sufficient wine, prepare characteristic spice; Anthology match household utensils, appliance, tableware should reserve 2/10; Wine water is put in workbench by requirement wipe up orderly; Undertake according to the category of the banquet, class reasonable decorate, ensure lamplight, room temperature, acoustics, furniture, establishment is whole; Do well the sanitation of banqueting hall, place good food stand by the standard that place a stand, had made the inspection after placing a stand, should put orderly, accord with a requirement.

(3) . Undertake be checkinged oneself, check individual appearance appearance, check crock of all sorts of tableware of eat stage, tablecloth, mesa, dressing, smoke, toothpick place whether all ready neat, accord with a requirement, chair and lay seat are corresponding wait; Have dinner of menu, tray, equipment is provided, store inside short-haired pelt towel, workbench the whether all ready, cleanness such as article; Accept foreman inspection.

(4) . Before the banquet begins 8 minutes, place cold meats by the requirement. If know banquet wine water, also shift to an earlier date 5 minutes, the red wine on pour and liquor () of requirement of the wine that press pour; After be all set, before opening eat 30 minutes, stand in dining-room doorway, guest of await the arrival of.

2, the service in eat:

(1) . Greet a guest to enter: The guest enters dining room, the member that welcome guest has a service by the standard that welcome guest, get to banqueting hall, the member that be worth a stage should the face brings a smile, receive enthusiasticly, bend forward salute personally, say hello to: "Hello, welcome aboard " ; Receive actively hang clothings, "Give me clothing and other articles of daily use please, I keep for you " , when hanging the garment, should grasp neck, avoid the article in pocket to slip to go out or be touched bad; Pull chair offer one's seat to sb enthusiasticly for the guest (pull open the chair, when the guest sits down, carry the back of the chair on the head with knee, both hands sends at the same time, let a guest sit in suitable from the table space 10, 15 centimeters advisable) , use gesticulation signal: "You sit please " .
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