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Hotel industry is formal to duty field pay close attention to most
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Hotel industry is formal to duty field pay close attention to particularly, the first impression that gives interview the official can decide even whether employ. HR of big public house of sweet case lira grooms manager Li Huiju says, if the condition comparatives two people attend the interview with big last public house of sweet case lira, a person is worn installing, bearing is complaisant, another is wearing sportswear jeans, raunchy. Who can obtain interview official to favor, get employ informs? Answer clearly.

Duty field is formal express good now individual customarily above all. Want to notice the individual is clean, tooth, hand should maintain clean, fingernail scarcely can be too long.

The 2nd, move installing had better be to be being installed. Abide by " trichromatic principle " and " the three unities " : Systemic color should be controlled it is in 3 kinds of color, the man's shoe, leather belt, portfolio is same color. Man sock and trousers are the same as color, the lady wears incarnadine silk socks. The schoolgirl had better make up weak, show a kind of respect. But make up should natural, beautification, harmonious, do sth in the proper way, avoid person, do not make up face to face.

The 3rd, want to have good posture, the lady stands should show t-shaped pace, both hands overlay or nature are flagging. The man stands two legs nature is apart, do not exceed shoulder breadth, both hands nature is flagging. The chair should take when sitting the position of 2/3, erect girth, the view is calm inspect. Schoolgirl double leg must 併 approach, both hands overlay is put on knee. Walk should hold his head high hold out a bosom, area area takes a step naturally smilingly, give a person a kind of self-confident sense.

The 4th, diction character is revealed formal. Language fast not too fast, want to express an interest to the talk of others, make a good listen auditor, do not break the talk of others or interrupt. Proper limbs language also is a kind of good conversation, the smile is indispensable.

Employee is good service consciousness is very important also

Rich of Yao Jun of general manager of big public house of Guangzhou Fu Lijun Yue thinks, applicant is should cordial, easy, decent. The manner wants active, be willing to help guest, have good service consciousness. Whether does applicant have really to examine " service consciousness " , return the setting with meeting particular set, the response that sees applicant and answer measure.

Do hotel meal course of study to pay attention to the communication with the client, communication even, applicant style of conversation is accordingly kind, the sense that gives a person is comfortable, whether to have very good communication art, these are the elements that make an on-the-spot investigation.

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