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Of restaurant " appearance " : Greet the station appearance of guest clerk
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A lot of restaurant meal inn set the special clerk that welcome guest now, their body wraps around before ribbon stands in door of restaurant meal inn, the advent of await respectively client, it is the first of restaurant meal inn a few scene, accordingly, the pose to them must ask strictly.

Generally speaking, greet the station appearance of client of guest clerk await respectively, say again " the station attitude that waits for a person " and " easy station looks " . In the even on nobody work station when the member that welcome guest nobody are recieved, or respectful when greeting the advent that serves a target, can adopt this kind of standing attitude mostly. Its the biggest characteristic, it is to be able to make the person that stand feels relaxed, comfortable. Nevertheless, when the service object enterprise already came to oneself before, leave a body in his especially and block a body without protective screen, or it is the other side when the main customer that is oneself, had better not use adopt posture of this kind of station.

When the station posture that adopts respectful client, the main point that needs an attention has: Double foot can be diverged moderately, bipod can be loosened alternately each other, and can the tiptoe of a foot since stand on tiptoe. Allow to be in namely a foot is complete touchdown while, raise the tiptoe of a foot. Allow to be in namely a foot is complete touchdown while, raise additional a heel of a foot, and with its tiptoe touchdown. Double foot is OK and a few aparter. Shoulder, arm should be loosened naturally, hand ministry is unfavorable and optional swing. The upper part of the body ought to unbend, and visual ahead. The head does not want rock, chin must avoid to be extended ahead. When using power of standing position of this kind of station, very important is: Diverged double leg does not keep be being changed repeatedly change, can give a person otherwise with extremely blundering uneasiness, impatient impression.

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