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Engineering department administers a plan
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1, foreword

Contemporary hotel is moving actually in, because natural resources of specific power consumption is too great, add exterior not stable element form, to the hotel management course of study brought increasingly serious burden. According to concerning the statistic of the respect, the hotel of 80% , can get the profit of 20% only. Face compete increasingly intense times, the controller of each hotel is in the managing the sources of energy of utmost, the labor power that has in the hotel undertakes adequately digging latent capacity on resource. Regard hotel project department as the manager, must explore the new method that reduces moving cost. Such, only in this respect two routes can go:

(What improve facility from inside showing some equipment to move is 1) , effective use cycle and lengthen service life of equipment, the moving specific power consumption that reduces facility and uphold charge;

(2) , make full use of personnel of technology of engineering department maintenance, in maintain the case that equipment moves likewise and defends to fall, reduce the use of manpower resource.

Like each controller, manager of hotel project department, must find out a problem first, it is issue definition the smallest element next, so that adopt,remedy measure perfectly. When handling afore-mentioned issues, for manager of successful to hotel project department, should be to affecting the smallest condition to fall, establish best administrative system program and program for the branch. At the same time give attention to two or morethings is opposite considering project technology maintenance technician the new acceptance that runs plan and program and savvy, eliminate their inhospitality to new management program and distrust feeling.

In hotel management job, be aimed at hotel scope of operations, implementation is reduced equipment moves and uphold charge, right each equipment is used inside the hotel undertake harmony the use control with the sources of energy between the branch, make an administrative target with a reasonable science, this implementation the total government target to the hotel and reduce a hotel to run charge to have decisive direct effect.

How to achieve a such goals, of made hotel move safeguard the job and ability to be in equal does sufficient play get below moving state?

How to discover blame is energy-saving the equipment of condition moves and above quota uphold charge?

How to reduce uphold charge?

This is the first problem that faces when making engineering department manage an end. Paragraphic below in, will elaborate hotel project department how to make administrative strategy target, how to establish moves and safeguard the assessment of outstanding achievement, moving data is compared, statistic reachs what the branch runs a level to make. This kind of method is to be reduced successfully move and maintain charge and a practical crucial share that increase productivity.
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