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Exterior of Jumeirah Calton Tower
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Exterior of Jumeirah Calton Tower

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Jumeirah Calton Tower is known as London the most top class hotel, during the activity, you need to spend about 239 pound to be able to be entered only; If you go after fashionable decorate, the Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel that rebuilds anew then will be you not two anthology, and every guest room needs to make an appointment with 199 pound only every night. Jumeirah Calton Tower and Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel still are in hotel spend joyfully the guest of restful night or the New Year's Eve offers a bottle of free champagne, enter 3 evening or above to be able to be obtained more send high-quality goods great gift package, festival hover mind of the festival.

The RibRoom of Jumeirah Calton Tower is famed with cooking traditional England cooked food, dining-room will offer 5 gluttonous sumptuous dinner for you that day in the New Year's Eve, the greens when including 焗 to bake a cod, beef that bake matchs York to heat up countryside of flummery, England biscuit of Zhi person assorted cold dishes, walnut, still have superior champagne add to the fun additionally. So big dinner needs every to make an appointment with 175 pound only.

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