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Big public house of the source in Nanchang garden
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Hotel head period the guest room that has 230 comfortable warmth, provide newest and advanced modern electron facility entirely, include TV of broadband Internet, satellite, country / international long distance call, beforehand electronic induction deals with an announcement to return a house downstage service, confuse your bar. All deserve to liquid crystal computer and electrograph …… are waited a moment inside business affairs guest room, flatlet, it is you come the first selection that Nanchang business affairs is visited or the journey goes vacationing.

Practice building is 25 tall 2006 guest room 230 / cover [the source in Nanchang garden greatly hotel]

Address of big public house of the source in Nanchang garden: Ave of torch of Nanchang city new and high developing zone 539
Big public house of the source in Nanchang gardenTraffic: Be apart from downtown: Car Cheng 20 minutes, be apart from a railway station: Car Cheng 20 minutes, be apart from an airport: Car Cheng 40 minutes, lake of distance green hill: Car Cheng 10 minutes
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall advocate dish of battalion another name for Jiangxi Province can hold 150 people
Conference establishment: Big assembly room can be accommodated 800 people, medium assembly room can accommodate 70-80 person, little assembly room to be able to hold 40-50 person
Recreational facilities: Fitness, swim, card of sauna, nightclub, tennis, chess
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, hairdressing beautifies hair, the airport receives aircraft service (collect fees)
Credit card: International credence all things is amounted to, international credit card is big Lai, Oriental card of Express of card of card, VISA of international credit card, United States, JCB, home issues silver-colored couplet card
All round landscape: Lake of sports park, green hill
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online

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