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Nanchang triumphant Lai old hotel
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Nanchang city is only a public house that by international group of management of famous public house has administrative, the hotel sets smokeless floor and comfortable and luxurious administration floor, broadband of free high speed gets online, meal, recreation and gymnastical establishment everything needed is ready. The hotel has the guest flatlet with 327 downy and chic colour, set air conditioning of IDD, central changes in temperature, public house TV of safe of independence of free movies program, guest room, satellite and internet sth resembling a net. Hotel conference establishment is perfect, triumphant Lai hall can accommodate 300 people to run large party or cocktail lounge at the same time; 3 small-sized muti_function hall, use for what you hold conference of various business affairs, delibrate. Season Hou wind blocks corridor of the wine that pull OK, own facility of the most advanced sound of singing and dancing. Buffet offers advantage for you, sell every day object, newspaper and travel souvenir. Healthy center sets round-the-clock Hou indoor swimming-pool and advanced gymnastical material, convenient guest is flabby after a day of busy business affairs or sightseeing body and mind, eliminate exhaustion.

Practice decorated a building 2002 1998 20 tall guest room 327 / set [Nanchang triumphant Lai old hotel]
(favourable activity) every books through sunshine journey net merge into the guest of this hotel can enjoy the following privilege: Enter administrative floor guest room to be able to enjoy the following privilege: Reception desk of floor of triumphant Lai administration is dealt with quick enter reach * of newspaper of daily and daily from inn formalities * elegant fruit, free this locality daily and free enjoy wine of triumphant Lai administration * of corridor tea, coffee and soft drink is entered every time use floor of administration of a hour of triumphant Lai freely assembly room (inspect actual

Nanchang address of triumphant Lai old hotel: Road of north of river of Nanchang city edge 88
Nanchang triumphant Lai old hotelTraffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 0 kilometers, space: Airport of 5 kilometers, distance: Wang Ge of Teng of 30 kilometers, distance: 1 kilometer
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall advocate dish of battalion another name for Guangdong Province can hold 250 people
Conference establishment: Big assembly room can be accommodated 400 people, medium assembly room can accommodate 200 people, little assembly room 30 - 80 people
Recreational facilities: Fitness, swim, card of sauna, chess
Service facilities: Wu of business affairs center, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, the airport receives aircraft service (collect fees)
Credit card: All things of international credit card is amounted to, Express of big Lai, United States, home issues credit card of VISA of credit card of card of east of international credit card, international, international silver-colored couplet gets stuck
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