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Guesthouse of Nanchang gold Yue
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Golden Yue guesthouse is by Jiangxi province cess Wu bureau invests, hang out one's shingle SamSung class hotel, it is market room, meal, business affairs, recreational the travel hotel at an organic whole. Come at having the honor to win central state office first half of the year 2007 prosperous official business is away on official business to select hotel surely. Guesthouse whole is built by 7 advocate the building reachs the composition that add a floor, have luxurious flatlet, go vacationing the of all kinds guest room such as guest room of flatlet, standard 91, in all 187 bed. How to all contain inside all guest room changes in temperature double lukewarm air conditioning, deployed big screen colour television and satellitic program to convey and domestic international dials directly a phone, let you times feeling is easy and comfortable and cozy; Guesthouse sets luxurious balcony, KTV to include room and cafeteria 7, eat digit in all 180, act according to for you on another name for Jiangxi Province, plain, the various and delicate cate such as another name for Guangdong Province, Shanghai; Guesthouse is set what can hold 150 people is muti_function the hall, medium-sized assembly room that can hold 50 people and 4 small-sized assembly room, provided ample space to run the group of activity of of all kinds business affairs. Depending on advantageous situation, convenient traffic just about, modern business management and well-trained employee and our enthusiasm serve hand and foot, golden Yue guesthouse already became travel to go vacationing, the ground of the first selection that all circles personage such as business affairs activity, conference communication lingers. Guesthouse of Nanchang gold Yue

Practice decorated a building 2005 1989 7 tall guest room 91 / set [guesthouse of Nanchang Jin Yue]

Address of guesthouse of Nanchang gold Yue: Nanchang city fastens hitching post street 326
Traffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 0 kilometers, space: Airport of 3 kilometers, distance: 30 kilometers, distance 81 square: 1 kilometer
Meal establishment: Dining-room advocate battalion plain dish helps dish can hold 180 people originally
Conference establishment: Big assembly room can be accommodated 150 people, medium assembly room can be accommodated 50 - 70 people, little assembly room can hold 25 people
Recreational facilities: Chess card, ping-pong
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, hairdressing beautifies hair, do not offer the airport to receive aircraft service
Credit card: Home issues silver-colored couplet card
All round landscape: Stringy gold tower, 100 flowers continent, child monument of memorial hall of booth, Huang Qiuyuan, 81 uprise, Teng Wangge
Online circumstance: Cannot get online between special offer standard, the others room is free the broadband gets online
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