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Hotel of bright and beautiful river together Expedia develops online market
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After landing Hong Kong couplet to reach place, group of hotel of bright and beautiful river hopes have the aid of promotes his the whole world at Internet exert oneself again famous degree.

A few days ago, hotel of bright and beautiful river and whole world are online viatic tycoon Expedia, inc. Announced to reach partner concern. According to the agreement, have and operation is worn the bright and beautiful river of many 250 hotel will offer his to Expedia(R) client guest room of subordinate and all hotel (the information of Inventory) .

Hotel of bright and beautiful river is China's biggest hotel group and operation business, in the whole world the 22nd is ranked in group of 300 big public houses, also be the Asia's biggest hotel group at the same time. Bright and beautiful river plans to be extended to overseas market, 500 hotels and hotel were owned 2010.

And the development as Internet, online book the important medium of communication that making hotel industry sale. Release according to center of Chinese market information " market of Chinese network travel and report of investment prospect research " in show, market of Chinese network travel already achieved 10 billion yuan 2006, to 2008, still will expand reach 35 billion yuan.

For this, bright and beautiful river also was accelerated with international the cooperative pace of online travel tycoon. Expedia will provide online journey expertise this for bright and beautiful river.

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