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Rustic meal owner learns food to bring all-knowing knowledge
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22 days, gold of Cai of 5 bridges area presses down village of village of 7 celestial being appoint conference assembly room is unusually lively, the supervisor of rural food obligation that the rural food inside limits of Cai gold town manages operator of inn, meal store and each village to invite in all 57 people, attended the rural provision that by this area industrial and commercial bureau, health bureau sponsors jointly with Cai Jinzhen government to manage door groom meeting.

Groom on the meeting, the problem that exists with respect to market of current country food about personnel reachs the current situation, the responsibility that explained the operator that provides about code meticulously deep and obligation, emphasize consciousness of food safety responsibility, the requirement is managed each door strengthen an industry to control oneself further, how to begin bill of all alone of all alone card lawfully to operator, fulfill replenish onr's stock to check register make, build credit of platform of purchase and sale to make, normative management behavior put forward to make clear a requirement.

According to 5 bridges area relevant controller introduces industrial and commercial bureau, superintend strength to improve rural food market further, ensure the country consumes safety, henceforth period of time, this bureau will cooperate to press down country people government each, food of current to whole area link is managed door undertake comprehensive

Groom, groom the face will be achieved 100% .

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