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Force of labor of market of restaurant management software is waited for hair
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The software market that restaurant computer runs is supplied by software square (software business) , software consumer (restaurant) the person that reach market control 3 person composition. Because manage angle to differ, have electronic branch, financial department and travel department to the management of market of restaurant computer software. .

Travel industry manages ceaseless aggrandizement

Historical ground looks, travel department takes drive the application of restaurant computer seriously very much. But because travel,key of side of management department function differs, different history develops the working centre of gravity of level to differ, add an orgnaization to adjust, personnel change, the respect of successional, strength that working so appears some weakness and defective, but the posture of development is ceaselessly aggrandizement.

Be in early on June 13, 1983, national tourism bureau established " computer to lead group " , establish center of computation of national tourism bureau at the same time, computer of system of travel of responsible whole nation applies and popularize the job, this mark wears what assured this one job in textural to begin. On August 22, 1988, national tourism bureau is released carry out " regulation of assess of class of star of hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of People's Republic of China and standard " , to computer management the action in assess of hotel star class gives affirm and quantify, effectively drove what this works to undertake. After this, national tourism bureau popularizes applied computer to manage stage by stage.

Since 90 time, travel industry government assures in the organization, measure of personnel configuration, system, began the respect such as the activity to stride bigger step. Established center of information of national tourism bureau 1990. General office of the State Council released relevant document to point out " will face the computer technology of travel industry to serve 1994, the job such as construction of travel communication network and OA, turn by concerned institution bear? Quot; , national tourism bureau also gives to the function of information center clear. Center of information of national tourism bureau held restaurant computer to manage a system to recommend the introduction to meet first on October 25, 1994, recommend Shenzhen mulberry to amount to the CHIS system of limited company of system of Pacific Ocean network, after this is opposite in succession again Hua Yi, medium flexible restaurant management system undertook commendatory introductory. June 1995, national tourism bureau decides to establish the division of science and technology, be in charge of weaving travel develops science and technology to plan, extend gain of advanced science and technology, industry of organization, harmonious, directive travel begins popular science to work, responsible speak or sing alternately contacts state committee of science and technology and management department of concerned scientific research and scientific research unit. 1995 since second half of the year, change big range of the job to begin as travel occupation standard, " standard of function of restaurant computer management " the staff job that draft also begins to start. Is national tourism bureau being made " is Chinese tourism sent? 95 " of Quot; plan and 2010 compendium of distant view target " Shi Cengming points out truly: Want what comprehensive actively enters travel to develop to promote science and technology advocate battlefield, science management and the experience that modern managing are popularized actively in restaurant, travel agent, the proposal of travel agent operation and the statistical network that designedly strengthens operation of OA, restaurant, sales promotion network. The standard of hotel star class that issued on May 1, 1998, strengthened what apply to electronic product to guide a gender, also considered a product before look up sex.
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