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Grade of Beijing restaurant sanitation can inquire with getting online
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Yesterday, controller of center of communal and wholesome information expresses Beijing, consumer can log onto Beijing wholesome website to head for the wholesome grade of repast restaurant to undertake inquiring to oneself, select repast site.

Yesterday, when delegate of partial city National People's Congress inspects system of communal and wholesome information to build, wang Hui of vice director of center of communal and wholesome information represents city, current, of the hotel that Beijing has business charter classification circumstance, there is a record on Beijing wholesome website. Before citizen repast, can log onto this website to inquire the wholesome grade of restaurant. The meal course of study of Beijing is quantified manage by different levels to divide A, B, C, D4 in all grade. Among them, class A delegate is wholesome and outstanding, b class represents wholesome standard, c class represents wholesome and basic qualification, d class delegate is put in certain and wholesome problem, need deadline is improved.

City health bureau expresses yesterday about chief, in the restaurant of Beijing, achieve A, B, C3 91% of grade; Predict the end of the year is achieved this year 95% . At the same time the basis is arranged, before the Olympic Games is held, should achieve 100% , eliminate the restaurant of D class.

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