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Perfect hotel alliance aids Chinese telecommunication hotel informatization
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Relevant controller of company of Chinese telegraphic Guangdong disclosed yesterday, current, china is telegraphic " perfect hotel is allied " the plan is started formally in Guangdong, the plan will be passed " guest room phone plans freely " , " digital E room " , " video entertainment ITV " the hotel informatization service that waits inside upgrades I save hotel industry, industry of hotel of the Guangdong that help strength is receive inferior carry business chance prepares. This personage points out, before cut solstice, only inside half an year, attract many 200 hotel to join " perfect hotel is allied " , the informatization that uses Chinese telecommunication serves.

Guangdong hotel industry: Blowout period is greeted in contradiction

A course of study already joined in China is telegraphic " the hotel is perfect and allied " high level of Guangzhou some hotel points out to the reporter, the business travel that Guangdong is about to greet blowout period and contradiction of photograph of hotel trade current situation are current the biggest characteristic of Guangdong hotel industry. He points out, current, level of service of informatization of Guangdong hotel industry is uneven still: A lot of guest room phones are to press standard endowment to expend collection, the part just has IP to be received; The guest room of major public house is only network port, only few number hotel provides computer in guest room; The hotel of 15% has the system of VOD order programme that this locality supports, the recreational establishment of great majority guest room still is traditional TV; Be in Guangdong, a few hotels such as only white swan can provide service of long-range video conference, other public house is blank basically on this service. Chinese telecommunication rolls out " perfect hotel is allied " the plan favors for numerous hotel place, among them important is, guangzhou is applied the Asia Game scored a success 2010, will appear to be a center with Guangzhou at the appointed time inferior carry year of business travel blowout, add 2008 the arrival of Beijing Olympic Games, also the hotel industry of Guangdong of warm-up of will certain level.

"Perfect hotel is allied " : 200 hotels of Guangdong join in actively

"Company of Chinese telegraphic Guangdong is popularizing perfect hotel alliance in the round, aid force to carry for hotel industry informatization fast. Among them " digital E room " with " server of application of terminal of guest room computer is relevant software " means, offer a broadband to be received for the hotel, terminal of guest room computer is rental etc, make the guest can undertake electronic business affairs in guest room directly thereby, enjoy digital recreation, and the bag outside IT serves. Chinese telecommunication sends an incoming telegram the head, one year the broadband gets online, game of software, authorised edition and film resource, and maintenance of years whole serves, want one day to pay 20 yuan to be able to enjoy such service only. " chief joins in related company of Chinese telegraphic Guangdong " perfect hotel is allied " express to the reporter.
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