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Kang Jia " digital guest room " the product obtains special honour
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On June 14, "2007 global hotel forum " be in 3 inferior grand opening, deep Kang Jia (000016) is depended on " digital guest room " of the concept new-style inside order programme of buy VOD(video) product of machine of an organic whole, obtain successfully judge hotel of 2007 year whole world 10 big outstanding suppliers, become the wins this special honour exclusively company in home appliance industry.

Kang Jia " digital guest room " the product is the terminal of network of multimedia of new generation number that designs for hotel guest room only system, it is compositive the function that hotel management system serves, introduced business affairs through aether network the characteristic content such as Wu of game of recreation of conference of order programme of travel, movie and TV, video, news, network, ticket, realized the 3 nets syncretic of telegraphic net, cable television net and computer network.

It is reported, as the drawing near of the Olympic Games, especially national tourism bureau is right 4, what hotel of 5 stars class put forward clearly to must provide online function of guest room broadband is mandatory requirement, content involves Internet to be received, book VOD order programme, remotely etc, kang Jia held water technically to inspect dispatch company, the key serves advanced hotel. Current, kang Jia has become the hotel TV supplier of about a hundred advanced public house of domestic, and " digital guest room " the product already succeeded now and much home public house of home signed intent agreement, begin to offer money in succession from August.

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