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Anhui Suzhou Argyle Hotel Group signed the first five-star hotel
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The hotel is located in Suzhou City, west of Xichang Road, north of Welcome Avenue, the traffic is very convenient, plan 153,000 square meters. Hotels on the ground 13 floors, building height 45.70 meters, total construction area of 49,900 square meters . The hotel is positioned as an international five-star hotel, with standard and a total of 260 luxury suites, Chinese and Western restaurants, comprehensive conference area, wellness center and other supporting facilities, southeast of the city landscape lake, so the hotel has Fine, distinctive landscape features, and plans to open in 2012. Xin Heng in Northern Coal Accord Accord Hotel, Hotel Group in Suzhou to build the first five-star hotel project, the Accord Group, Australia's leading hotel management with the level of the hotel personnel education system strong, and for Green low-carbon hotel unique operational experience, so that the key enterprises in Northern China Coal Industry Group is determined to co-operated with the Accord Group, and believe that the Accord Group, an international hotel brand in the import, bring in Suzhou City in Northern and even beyond Compare the competitiveness and leap-forward development.