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Government Award for saving hundreds of thousands of hotel buildings will be e
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If the hotel has been selected as "green tourism in 2010, Xiamen City Hotel Energy Model", Finance 10 million each will be given financial incentives for energy conservation. Yesterday, Herald reporter learned from the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Tourism of the message. According to reports, this is the first to open tourist hotels in Xiamen energy incentives. It is understood that energy Xiamen City Office, City Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly organize the first time this year, "Green Hotel energy demonstration unit was named" The Xiamen city a total of 15 "gold leaf", "Silver Leaf" class green tourism hotels handed in the application materials selection. After the energy-saving technological transformation of the declaration of the hotel, energy consumption accounting, building energy-saving design, the design and use of new energy, internal energy management, operating income, taxes paid and other indicators of a comprehensive assessment score, and ultimately, Xiamen Central Hotel, Xiamen, and Xiamen Sheraton Hotel Spa Resort Moon Valley Hotel comprehensive score three top three, has been selected as the "green tourism in 2010, Xiamen City Hotel Energy Model", given by the finance 10 million each financial incentives for energy conservation. Herald reporter also learned that the next step, Xiamen Tourism Administration will also star hotel on the city's energy consumption to thoroughly filing, the organization published energy-saving green tourism hotel brochures, to carry out the city's Green Hotel "energy expert" Award in recognition of organized units of green tourism hotels demonstration site to observe the exchange of energy and other activities to promote the city's star hotels in-depth energy conservation and emission reduction activities. It is learned, and strive to 2015, 80% of the city of Xiamen four, five-star hotels, 50% of the three-star hotels, 30% of the two-star hotel to achieve "Green Hotel" standard, and for the last few years the work of energy saving based on the five-star hotels within the 20% reduction in water consumption.