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Astral class restaurant is subtle the basic standard of the service (4) 2
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Astral class restaurant is subtle the basic standard of the service (4) 2

2.1.3 daily undertake 2 times detecting to water quality at least.

Bugle call of full name of exact record guest, house, arrival time reachs 2.1.4 clerks number of change clothes ark.

The person that 2.1.5 have drinking excess like discovery swims, ying Wanyan declines.

2.1.6 clerks should pay close attention circumstance of the guest in water, discover unusual appearance, take effective measures in time.

2.2 environments and sanitation

Prominent place sets 2.2.1 doorways to indicate markedly, indicate the concerned content such as business hours, price, natant notice. Natant notice should indicate the guest such as disease of heart disease, hypertensive, cerebral haemorrhage, dermatosis, trachoma, drinking excessive must not use content.

2.2.2 set with room of the bathhouse that recieves ability photograph to suit, shower. Drench the bathroom is kept apart each each other, hang bath shade, provide juice of towel, bath, wash hair fluid.

2.2.3 have a guest to enter a passageway technically, the entrance is in the foot that set dip to disinfect a pool.

Excessive cistern is set all round 2.2.4 swimming-pools of  , the ground wants laid to prevent slippery material.

2.2.5 swimming-pools of   set keep in mind of thermometric scale of mark of depth of water, water.

Illume of 2.2.6 pools area is enough, the light is downy, ventilated system is good.

2.2.7 indoor swimming-pools have   Chi Shui heats system, lukewarm ordinary control is in water 28 ℃ left and right sides.

Set inside 2.2.8 natant areas water place, convenient guest is taken with.

The 2.2.9 swimming-pools outdoor rest the area has sunshade.

The special lifesaving equipment such as rope of pole of buoy of the stock inside 2.2.10 swimming-pools, lifesaving, lifesaving.

2.2.11 have automatic loop to filter system, water quality clear thorough is transparent, without floater.

Ground of 2.2.12 bathhouse, toilet is dry, without peculiar smell. The cleanness inside change clothes ark, without sundry.

2.2.13 swimming-pools heat, filter wait for all sorts of equipment to want scheduled maintenance, ensure movement is favorable, without breakdown.

Safeguard 2.2.14 grounds, metope regularly.

The stranger things such as 2.2.15 towel, bath towel wants softness comfortable, fold put orderly.

3 mulberry serve then

3.1 recieve a service

3.1.1 clerks are familiar master mulberry servive routine program reachs that bath concerned requirement.

3.1.2 before doing business, the clerk should have debugged all facilities facilities. After adding open of shrinkage fitting buy, temperature of the sauna inside 10 minutes should achieve 80 ℃ left and right sides.
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