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Cost pilot principle
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Economic principle

Because lack the profit that control and loses,the cost that because carry out cost,be controlled and produces should not exceed. Some enterprises for follow the fashion, not plan cost, did procedure of a few gewgaw loaded down with trivial details, benefit is not great, the loss outweights the gain even.

It is important that economic principle decided we are in only greatly crucial factor chooses to try to control in the domain.

Economic principle asks to be able to reduce cost, correct error, have practical.

Economic principle asks to carry out " exception management " principle. For example, launch investigation to breaking away from major difference of the standard, estimated to exceeding defray is built examine and approve formalities to wait.

Economic principle still asks to carry out value principle

Economic principle asks cost controls a system to should have flexibility. Face what plan and appear what already changed only then makings do not circumstance, control system still can produce effect, and unapt make no use when vicissitude of the market " adornment " .

Principle of adjust measures to local conditions

Copy not completely, suit specific company: To large company and small business, old company and new company, development is mixed quickly relatively stable company, the enterprise of this industry and that industry, and the different development phase of same company, method of control of style of structure of administrative focal point, organization, management, cost and promotive form ought to be distinguished. For example, the key of new company is sell and make, is not cost; The management after be being managed normally is management efficiency mainly, should begin to control cost and establish cost standard; The management after enlarge is large-scale turns mainly for augment market, want to build income center and system of official outstanding achievement report; The old company with giant dimensions, manage be an organization mainly to consolidate, need plans carefully and build investment center. The cost control mode of applicable and all enterprise is nonexistent.

The leader takes seriously with complete member share a principle

To leading the demand of the layer

Take seriously and support with all one's strength.

Have the determination of target of the cost that finish and hope.

Have the mind of be practical and realistic. Cannot reach for what is beyond his grasp, more unfavorable eager for quick success and instant benefit, act too hastily. Only hardheaded, step-by-step, ability obtains result gradually.

Set oneself an example to others, control the liability cost of oneself strictly.

To the requirement of employee

Have control desire and cost consciousness, nurturance is managing habit.
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