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How to establish cost consciousness
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Be partner to create the greatest value is the modern society requirement to the enterprise, also be the mission that contemporary company exists. Value creation originates company profit, because this is right,the angle of profit is affecting the pulse of commercial society from beginning to end.
Profit from why and come? No more than two respects: Add close with cut down expense, increase income way, control defray conduit, obtain taller only cash reserve in a bank to flow. But receive, add decrease it is easy to saying, the operation rises however difficulty is great.
According to the theory of baud, the industry grows initial stage, whole develops a level to be apart from industrial border to be able to have certain space, this paragraph of distance means large market space. This phase, the first job of the enterprise is to open border develop land, blank spot of market of race to control, build send an advantage first, the abidance that trades sales revenue and market share with the investment of person, money, content promotes, with extensive type " wide scatter " will come true " rich closes " . Right now, the importance of market development speed is ambitious the deepness that develops at the market, because big market demand can maintain the high speed that the market develops to spend, and opportunity criterion fleeting. Enterprise of a lot of China captures this opportunity to rise abruptly quickly namely, the TCL with velocity shock dimensions is typical delegate.
But when the industry approachs industrial border very much, at the same time the border between each industries begins occurrence across again, had encircled the ground to upgrade to tiger's mouth-jaws of death to seize from former horse race to the contention of the market at this moment feed. Before is a minute of investment, yield 3 minutes; Now is 3 minutes of investment, yield one minute, the investment that resource of pure support sale estimates cannot have produced expectant result, turn sale subtly imperative. Spend the intensive and meticulous farming that sale is sale means not just subtly, hold to considering what repletion meaning spends, to new spending trend have an insight into, still include the careful assessment that yields to investment, accuse to selling the effective pipe of cost, to expending the pursuit that effect compares high, cost control ought to make the main component that changes sale subtly.
Deming offers overall quality control in Japan, made afterwar Japanese industry. Now, sale phase is refined in essence of life, the overall cost control that dominates come down in one continuous line with overall quality also ought to mention an enterprise in the attention of each branches. Previously, purchase, the front such as production, finance affairs and function branch are compared to cost control take seriously, and sale branch is considered as to start the department that restrain normally, cost consciousness is not strong. The immediate consequence that causes sells the resource that sectional place obtains to be more than the resource that branch of research and development, production obtains far namely. When competition is intense, the malpractice with backward technology of lack of power, production exposes follow-up of research and development without involuntary discharge of urine, branch of production of research and development cannot be formed to the sale prop up strongly. This is a sale the branch is pure it is oriented inevitable result with income, only sale branch yields with investment to direct, the cost control of the enterprise just can obtain good result, the resource ability of the enterprise is configured more balancedly.
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